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Outside California, black quarterbacks were still a rarity, and Clarkson bristled at the implicit assumption among N.F.L 11900571 53100300

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Neither defensive nor oblivious, he disarmed would-be critics with good-natured humble-bragging (“I guess I’m the guy who started this whole madness”), although success of the sort that inspires vanity license plates (drm8ker, qb club) was slow in coming cb&s bank routing number

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Wells Fargo Bank | Branch Locations - Financial Data |

Wells Fargo Bank, National Association

Head Office Address101 N. Phillips Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD-57104
Established Date1870-01-01
Bank Holding Company
(Regulatory Top Holder)
Wells Fargo & Company (San Francisco, CA)
Number of Domestic Offices6,270
Number of Foreign Offices37
Total assets$ 1,553,871,000
Total deposits$ 1,227,084,000
Net income$ 10,313,000
Equity capital$ 147,137,000
FDIC Certificate3511
Bank Charter ClassNational Member Banks
//If MultiState Bank%>
Wells Fargo Bank has branches across following states in US


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