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SunTrust Bank - King Farm Safeway Branch | Rockville, MD |

SunTrust Bank

King Farm Safeway Branch Rockville, MD
Information about the King Farm Safeway Branch of SunTrust Bank in Rockville, Maryland .
Bank NameSunTrust Bank
BranchKing Farm Safeway Branch
Address403 Redland Boulevard, Rockville, MD - 20850
Metropolitan Statistical AreaWashington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV
Branch Deposits $ 22,705
TypeFull Service, retail office
Branch Established Date01/24/2001
Branch Number1298
FDIC Certificate # 867

Map & Directions

Location Map - King Farm Safeway Branch of SunTrust Bank in Rockville, Maryland
Get driving directions to King Farm Safeway Branch of SunTrust Bank in Rockville, Maryland
Get Driving Directions


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