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“When I played sports, it was very seasonal,” he told me, while standing outside a broadcasting booth, above the grandstands at a football field overlooking the harbor peoplesbankmidwest citizens bank routing number ny

rules, he won’t be eligible to sign a letter of intent until the winter of his senior year, in 2015—and therefore easy to dismiss as a ploy orchestrated by Clarkson and Kiffin to draw attention to their respective programs 226078036 74000078

routing number 022000046 “It looks good from out here, but once you get inside it’s pretty sad.” 21307559

The pupil’s name was Perry Klein, and he went on to play for the Atlanta Falcons 267084199 routing number

65305436 He was explaining why he planned to hold back his thirteen-year-old son, Connor, “a straight-A student,” having long ago missed the opportunity to postpone, like a good Park Slope parent, the start of kindergarten 114021933 routing number 063102152

routing number 022000046

(His work has been profiled in these pages; Philip Johnson once referred to him as the “master jeweller of junk.”) His son Miller had just turned ten, he told me 11201458 114021933

Miller is four feet ten, with curly blond hair and the easygoing affect of someone as yet untroubled by burdensome expectations routing number 063102152 71923828

267084199 routing number “I’m embarrassed a little bit wells fargo stonestown

Francis, a Catholic school nearby 031207607 routing number

226078036 The incoming ministers were less amenable to the expansive priorities of the old regime 021409169 routing number peoplesbankmidwest


 The half-mile-long Superkilen park, in Copenhagen, designed by big Architects, Topotek 1, and Superflex, places miniature rolling green hills, a pink patchwork market square, and star-shaped Moroccan-tile fountains into one of the city’s most diverse neighborhoods citizens bank of charleston routing number 102000076

After leading me to the peak of the Hills, Geuze sat in the more formal part of the Governors Island composition, amid low hedges planted in a leaf-shaped pattern 311989331 pnc bank routing number michigan

firststatebk Building the pergola, in Utrecht’s Maximapark, involved the local community. 291471024

321172594 Geuze lived not far away, in Lijnbaan, a modernist postwar development that put housing and a then revolutionary pedestrian shopping mall in the bombed-out central city 073972181 routing

21201383 “Six-year-old boys, they are craving to go to the plaza, push the button, and set the lamp in motion,” Geuze said routing 063102152 323070380


 “The children and I filled the hexagons with rocks, like a drystone wall.” The exercise convinced him that the hexagons needed curves—“If you do miles and miles of hexagons, it starts to look like infrastructure”—and that the pergola could become a way of getting the local community more involved with the building of the park 263191387 routing number routing number 067006432

Maximapark is a great example of the landscape architect as a political operator, not just a designer zip code 63051 51900366

suneast routing number One of West 8’s first recommendations after winning the competition was that the southern part of the island be raised at least fifteen feet 65305436

wells fargo pearl district After Whiteread was done with the trash—which was considered an archeological find, because it was unearthed in the island’s historic district—she shipped it back, bubble-wrapped, to Governors Island 053200983 routing number 211170114

Madrid Rio is largely an internal experience, travelling through and looking at the landscape that the design team created; Governors Island doesn’t need to do as much, because the site came with so much more, gratis—its location in New York Harbor. iberiabank rogers ar routing number 071904779

routing number 063102152

 No one answered bank of marin sausalito td bank harvard square

Lane Dean imagined himself running around on the break, waving his arms and shouting gibberish and holding ten cigarettes at once in his mouth, like a panpipe 75900575 bank of america king of prussia

union savings bank belvidere il Lane Dean summoned all his will and bore down and did three returns in a row, and began imagining different high places to jump off of chase bank redmond oregon

santander manchester nh annuity tables for poor old Clive R citizens bank albany oregon cornerstone bank clarinda iowa

Because of the poor returns, we struggle to make a living, let alone to send our children to school," Machingauta told IPS. cornerstone bank clarinda iowa citizens bank albany oregon

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